The trials of being nice.

One thought I have been trying desperately to quash of late is the gnawing doubt as to whether I actually fit in even amongst my fellow autistics. I have read all the blogs by other autistic people as to how they found the online autistic community and suddenly felt a sense of belonging: like they… Read More The trials of being nice.

Supporting Autistics

I realised I can probably come across quite pessimistic on many issues relating to autistic people. I haven’t been around the autistic ‘scene’ long enough to say I am fed up with how we are ignored and marginalised by those claiming to help us but, nevertheless, I am angry about it. I make no apology… Read More Supporting Autistics

Cave Trolls

In case you missed it, this week I posted (what I thought were) some fairly innocuous tweets about my struggles at work. These seemed to attract (in my opinion) a fairly unreasonable amount of attention from haters. A long battle ensued. Here are my reflections following the event… It had been a long day, punctuated… Read More Cave Trolls

Long-term Burnout

This weekend has been yet another lost weekend. Lost to meltdown and recovery. I can’t really remember what started it this time. Something about talking through my relationship with my husband that triggered utter meltdown. The thing is, it doesn’t take much to set me over the edge at the moment. Any vague sensory overload,… Read More Long-term Burnout

On marriage…

It struck me tonight that there is a reason that I have am attracted to the ‘strong and silent’, ‘treat ’em mean- keep ’em keen’, emotionally unavailable types. I actually like the silence. Let me give you the context; I am married to an extroverted NT. How this happened I still don’t know: I was… Read More On marriage…

Ode to Success

Today is an ironic day for me to be writing about success. Today I managed a grand total of 90 mins of work before sprinting out from an ongoing meeting on the verge of a meltdown. My shame kept me from returning to then office all day. Tomorrow I will be spending at home to… Read More Ode to Success