Supporting Autistics

I realised I can probably come across quite pessimistic on many issues relating to autistic people. I haven’t been around the autistic ‘scene’ long enough to say I am fed up with how we are ignored and marginalised by those claiming to help us but, nevertheless, I am angry about it. I make no apology… Read More Supporting Autistics

Here’s to hoping.

It is true what everyone says, diagnosis is just the beginning of the journey. I ran head first into the ‘THIS-IS-AMAZING-this-will-solve-all-my-problems’ camp but now the party there has died. My current state is a bit hard to define. I guess it would be disappointment, with a good dosing of anger and frustration that people haven’t acted… Read More Here’s to hoping.


Since my diagnosis a lot of my relationships have ended. In fact pretty much all of them. Apart from my husband and my work colleagues, all of the people I am in regular contact with have stepped back from me in one way or another. There weren’t many of them in the first place, I… Read More Endings