Supporting Autistics

I realised I can probably come across quite pessimistic on many issues relating to autistic people. I haven’t been around the autistic ‘scene’ long enough to say I am fed up with how we are ignored and marginalised by those claiming to help us but, nevertheless, I am angry about it. I make no apology… Read More Supporting Autistics

Ode to Success

Today is an ironic day for me to be writing about success. Today I managed a grand total of 90 mins of work before sprinting out from an ongoing meeting on the verge of a meltdown. My shame kept me from returning to then office all day. Tomorrow I will be spending at home to… Read More Ode to Success


A bit odd. Not quite normal. Slightly inconsistent. A little off the mark. … It’s funny. I wrote this and accidentally published it. I was going to write more. I came back to it and was terrified when I mistakenly read what I had written as somebody else’s comment on my post. Those phrases cut… Read More Beginnings