Musings on functioning labels (AKA a day in the life) – Part 1

[When I started writing this post just after the offending day I didn’t expect to have *quite* so much to say! I’m going to publish in two parts because I think it splits quite nicely between home and work life in post sizes which are a bit more in-keeping with my style – I don’t… Read More Musings on functioning labels (AKA a day in the life) – Part 1

Cave Trolls

In case you missed it, this week I posted (what I thought were) some fairly innocuous tweets about my struggles at work. These seemed to attract (in my opinion) a fairly unreasonable amount of attention from haters. A long battle ensued. Here are my reflections following the event… It had been a long day, punctuated… Read More Cave Trolls

Ode to Success

Today is an ironic day for me to be writing about success. Today I managed a grand total of 90 mins of work before sprinting out from an ongoing meeting on the verge of a meltdown. My shame kept me from returning to then office all day. Tomorrow I will be spending at home to… Read More Ode to Success

Working Smart

Gosh, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the number of such great blogs from autistic women! There are people sharing such eloquent insights into what it is like to be autistic and this is fantastic, but sometimes I hardly know where to begin and what I can add. I guess I’ll just keep sharing what I am… Read More Working Smart